Hotel System

VoIP Trunk and Station

PMS Integration

1280 Flexible Ports

E911 Emergency Call

Paging Guest Phone

Nurse Call System

2-way Talking

2-wire Digital or VoIP SIP

Corridor LED Display

Event Tracking Server

Access Control Integration

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Intelligent Building System

SIP Video Intercom

RFID Access Control

Lift Access Control

Home Security

Enterprise Telecom System

Trunk Line: VoIP. PRI. PSTN.

Station phone: VoIP. Digital. Analog

Access Control Integration

308 to 1280 flexible ports

Hybrid or Pure SIP Devices

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Emergency Call

Outdoor SIP Video Callbox

Indoor Digital Voice Callbox

Signage Monitor Call Feature

Our Solutions

Hotel Phone System

  • Hybrid or VoIP System
  • Operator and Front Desk Phone
  • 2-wire or VoIP Guest Phone
  • Embedded PMS integration

Nurse Call System

  • Hybrid or VoIP System
  • Nurse Phone: Fixed / Mobile
  • Patient Call Device: Digital / VoIP
  • Corridor Display: Text / LED light
  • Call Record Tracking Server

Intelligent Building System 

  • Center Controller: Digital / VoIP
  • Access Control Phone: Voice / Camera
  • Resident LCD Monitor: Voice / Video
  • Concierge Phone: Digital / VoIP
  • Lift Control: Resident / Visitor

Enterprise Telecom system

  • Hybrid or VoIP Key Telephone System
  • Trunk: VoIP. PRI. PSTN
  • Station: Digital. VoIP. Analog
  • DK / VoIP Phone. Smartphone
  • From small (3/8) to Large (280 ports)

Our Products

Center Controllers

  • Hybrid System
  • SIP Server
  • Others

DK Terminals

  • DK Phone (Key Telephone)
  • DK Device (Sensor / Controller)
  • DK ACP (Access Control Phone)
  • DK Monitor (Voice / Video LCD)
  • DK NCD (Nurse Call Device)
  • DK DSS (Direct Station Selection)

SIP Terminals

  • SIP Phone
  • SIP ACP (access Control Phone)
  • SIP Monitor
  • SIP Keyphone
  • SIP Proprietary Phone


  • Analog Telephone
  • Accessories for Nurse Call
  • Accessories for Emergency Call
  • APP (@Phone) – iOS and Android

New Products

Nurse Call Device


  • Full Duplex Handsfree phone
  • Call Cord Plug Socket
  • Buttons:Call, SOS, Cancel
  • RS485 port to NCP

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Video Door Phone


  • Metal touch key and body
  • Night Vision Camera
  • OLED Display
  • RFID Reader

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Android Monitor Phone


  • Android Based
  • 7 or 10 inch LCD
  • SIP Video Phone
  • Camera

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Outdoor Video Phone


  • Metal Body
  • Metal Light Button
  • Night Vision Camera
  • PoE or 12Vdc

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News and Applications

Simple Home Security


  • IP39-70B. IOU81. Door Bell Button.
  • Home Security Activation Key Panel


  • Door Bell rings at LCD Monitor
  • Security Arm/Disarm by Outdoor Key Panel

Remote Home Control


  • IP8100H (Sensor / Relay). Link to Internet
  • IP39-70B: Video Phone / Monitor / Control
  • IP39-32ACR: Door Bell. Camera. RFID Reader


  • Remote Answer Door Call with preview
  • Remote Arm / Disarm. Control Relay
  • Remote Sensor monitoring

Public Toiler Emergency Call


  • G1E+M: Center Controller
  • DK6-21: Center answer phone with detail message
  • DK6-NCD-EC: Phone. Call and Cancer button
  • NCP6-EC-L: Connect external Light and Cal Button


  • Center can talk with caller immediately
  • Center know where the call is coming from

Wireless Care


  • IP39-70B with Wireless care features
  • RXD-2: Wireless Pendant Receiver
  • Pendant: Type 1 / 2 /3


  • Instant Setup without running cable
  • Voice announcement when event triggering
  • Location Icon Light is flashing on LCD Monitor